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Efest – Has anything changed?

Earlier this year i was sent a box of Efest cells to test by a long term and well respected customer in the vaping industry who was keen to get an understanding of the product they were supplying. An admirable move by a business in an industry that preaches battery safety but doesn’t always have […]

Counterfeit Samsung INR18650-25R Cells

URGENT MESSAGE ABOUT SAMSUNG INR18650-25R It’s come to our attention through our network that there are a large number of counterfeit Samsung 25R (and potentially 30Q) cells either already on/about to land on the market in the UK. There’s a possibility that they are re-wrapped Samsung 22P cells with a 25R/30Q wrap on them. WE […]

R2D2 Battery Safety

Thank you for purchasing cells for the “Build your own R2D2 kit” from Deagostini. We hope you’re very happy with them and excited for the final issues of the build if you’re not quite there yet! Get to know your product Before we get into the nitty gritty of battery safety, lets take a look […]

Can I take my batteries on holiday with me?

This is a question we see a lot with sometimes ambiguous answers; whether or not you can take your 18650/lithium/vape batteries on holiday with you. The short answer, is yes! There has never been a regulatory issue with taking batteries on holiday/abroad via air. That’s not to say there wont be in the future should […]

What is the best 18650 battery for vaping?

There isn’t really a straight answer; its very subjective and will depend on what you want it to do… Let start with the basics Why do we use 18650 and close relatives?  The answer is quite simple. Energy density. Gram for gram, lithium based cells are far more powerful that anything else readily available that […]

Sorry, no. That’s illegal…

No really, it is.. What am i talking about? “Do u do cash deals?”. “Can i not pay the VAT?”. “Can i just like maybe send it to ur personal PayPal or bank or summink”? The first time it happened about a year ago, it was quite funny. I’ve never had it in any other […]

What did you say?!

You might remember that we recently ran a poll to tackle some of the questions we would love to ask every customer who uses the site but unfortunately, its just not possible. That said, we had a fantastic response from customers and non-customers both on the survey and via email and i thought it might […]

Trading Standards. Falling, and Coming Soon…

*This blog post is taken from a mailshot sent to all past and present wholesale customers today (12th April 2018) but will ultimately affect and is relevant to all 18650UK customers, any other business involved in the purchase and sale of these batteries in the UK/EU. Its time to start listening… Trading Standards are on their […]