Please be good. Please be really good….

Another new Vapcell 18650…

They’re getting pretty good at this. Here is the new Vapcell 18650 25A 3000mAh cell…

If only i had beaten them…

As normal, this is a re-wrap. This time, we know exactly what it is (more on this below). It’s a re-wrapped Sony VTC6A. Its one of Sony’s new generation cells primarily aimed at the EV market, much like some of the new Samsung cells (which i won’t reveal just yet). I was aware of these batteries in around August last year. The first of them started popping up around November, and i’ve been on the hunt for a large number of them ever since. I even practically begged my contact at Vapcell to ship me a couple of thousand without re-wrapping, but obviously with supplies being short, they wanted to capitalise. I dont even think they had that many to begin with.

What’s so special?

25A and 3000mAh are two figures you dont normally find together, but technology is moving quickly. Some of the cells i source for electric vehicle clients are pushing over 100A (not 18650, but not much bigger either). Granted, the lifespan is too poor to be considered for vaping but it goes to show that lithium cell technology is advancing quicker than ever. Manufacturers are fighting one-another for contracts with major vehicle manufacturers. With competition comes diversity, and development. Im hoping for the same with the VTC6A

When can you get them?

Soon. We have 400 of these but as with any brand new to market cell, i need to do some testing first. Initial inspection shows that they 99% likely are the Sony VTC6A re-wrap i was promised. Having pulled the wraps off of a few, there are clear signs that Vapcell have tried to remove the original Sony markings from the can, mostly likely with an acetone wipe or similar. It’ll cause no harm to the cell, it just removes ink. That said, under the right light, you can still just about see the “DO NOT USE OUTSIDE OF BATTERY PACK” on one side which Sony prints on almost all cells now, along with the normal Sony markings on the other side, complete with the VTC6A model code. The positive cap looks good, as does the can insulator, positive crimp tooling marks and it looks like the original non-adhesive insulator has been reused. With the physical aspects covered, i hope to begin load testing on these against the manufacturer specs in the next few days.

I’ll keep customers updated via mailshot and Facebook as soon as I’m happy for them to be released!


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