The big secret in 20700 cells. The INR 20700A…

So here it is…

Picture of Molicel INR20700A

Molicel INR20700A

Recognise it? Probably not.. 

This is the Molicel “INR 20700A” (available to purchase here) a very commonly available cell if you know where to look and who to talk to (The sticker is ours, for compliance with the EU Battery Directive, you’ll be seeing more of these going forward, and will get more info in an upcoming blog post). Its been available on the market for close to a year but for around the last 9 months, it’s been strutting around the vape industry wearing a now quite staggering number of different outfits. Its worn wraps by iJoy, Efest, Ampking, EBAT, Vappower, Ampsplus, and Keepower to name a few. There’s even talk of several more doing the same, including Wismec in order to ship them with their new regulated 20700 devices that are currently in testing.

So why this cell?

Its a solid choice of cell for the vape industry. At 18650.UK, we liken it to a slightly higher CDR than a Sony VTC5A, but with the life of a VTC6. Two industry leading cells with two different but equally fantastic defining characteristics, now available in a combined package. With the ever growing popularity of 20700 platform devices and the absence of any other major cell producers offering something, this has become the industry’s most widely used 20700 cell.

Why haven’t we seen it like this before?

Much like all cells used in the vape industry, they were never actually designed for use in vaping. With many manufacturers actively trying to distance themselves from the industry, its not hard to understand why we’ve only ever seen this cell in different wraps. We’re not actually allowed to say who makes it for this reason, but it wont take a genius or a more than a very quick Google search to find out its made by a somewhat unknown (to the vape industry at least) but equally very reputable cell manufacturer with a HQ in Canada and a manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

Why has it taken so long?

As above, the cells used in the vape industry aren’t designed with vaping in mind. They’re made for accumulators, battery packs, electric vehicles and powerbanks etc. Because of this, all cells used in the vape industry are either direct from manufacturer overstock (like ours) or re-wrapped overstock (Like the companies listed above). There are actually very few proper battery manufacturers. There are at least 20 companies re-wrapping for every “OEM” battery manufacturer. This has meant that like everyone else, we’ve had to wait for them to become available direct from the manufacturer themselves. While there was speculation from the outset about who made the first version (the re-wrapped iJoy) and iJoy themselves telling everyone “its a secret” or leading people to believe its was a Sanyo 20700A re-wrap, we were one of very few who knew within the first month who was actually making them. We just couldn’t get them straight away.

Is it a Sanyo 20700A?

No. The INR 20700A from 18650.UK performs close to but it is 100% not a Sanyo 20700A (or 20700B) re-wrap. As above, there has been plenty of speculation about this from the start; especially given the 20700A became almost immediately unavailable in any reasonable quantity almost at the same time Ijoy came to market with their 20700 cell. The rumor is that there was an initial overstock of around 70,000 Sanyo 20700A cells, and they were all bought up by a company in the USA. Since then, supplies have been hard to come by in amounts of more than a dozen at a time.

I hope this helps to clear up any questions surrounding their origin, their history in vaping and what they are capable of. As always, if this has generated any questions or you need any further information on them, please dont hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email to, or jumping on our Facebook page –

Ben Mowbray – Sales Director – 18650UK

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